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    All about His Heart Radio
  • His Heart Radio was created so God could continually be lifted up in our worship.

  • Unite with the global Body of Christ like never before. As you worship, you’ll see the list of people from around the world who are also with you.

  • Enjoy free, 24 hour access to a library of anointed worship music. Song lyrics are displayed with each song.

  • His Heart Radio is also used for Ministries. Implement this 21st century approach to worship that will save you and your leaders time and money.

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What worshipers are saying...

  • The Lord gave me the statement of faith for my ministry. Amen! Amen! He is so faithful. More of you Lord and less of me. You should see my eyes, they’re puffy LOL. I believe this ministry is going to bless you abundantly. The Lord definitely has His hand on this one.

  • His Heart Radio is a place where I can worship and enjoy the presence of the Lord 24/7. I can feel His love, His joy, and His peace whenever I listen to these powerful and anointed praise and worship songs. Thank you for creating this beautiful website! I LOVE IT!!!

  • What I love about His Heart Radio is that it connects me in worship with my friends and family around the country. Since it is available 24/7, I can choose the time to sign in and worship with my friends in California, while I'm in DC, at a time that works for us. I also love the playlists - they introduce me to beautiful, powerful songs I haven't heard before.

    Margret Ann
  • I love His Heart Radio. Beautiful music to lift and calm the spirit.

  • We now have access to the most beautiful praise and worship music at our fingertips; music within which to experience the presence of the Lord. His Heart Radio creates the opportunity for powerful daily encounters with God - 24/7.If you long for these deeper dimensions, His Heart Radio helps to get you there.

  • I love His Heart Radio because I can have an intimate worship session with God whenever I want. The songs take me to a wonderful, precious place where I can be vulnerable and really open up my heart to the Lord and seek Him passionately, the way He seeks after me.


It's free!